JEE-SPONSE Agreement

The Journal of Earthquake Engineering (JEE) and the International Association for the Seismic Performance of Non-Structural Elements (SPONSE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for establishing a mechanism for submitting, reviewing, and publishing papers on the seismic performance of non-structural elements in JEE.

This MOU stems from the recognition that no specialized technical journal solely dedicated to the publication of technical papers on SPONSE-related topics currently exists and that the international reputation of JEE makes it the ideal outlet for SPONSE-related scientific publications.

As part of the MOU, the editor of JEE will select from a list of candidates provided by SPONSE a SPONSE associate editor. The SPONSE associate editor will be responsible for the review of manuscripts submitted to JEE and related to the seismic performance of non-structural elements, as the discretion of the editor of JEE. The assignment of papers will continue to be the sole responsibility of the editor of JEE, as it is now. The SPONSE associate editor will oversee the review of papers assigned to him/her by the editor of JEE including the selection of reviewers according to the rules and web system of Taylor and Francis. Accepted papers will appear in the journal, with a footnote that this is a SPONSE-managed paper. The final decision to publish papers is that of the Editor of JEE.

Professor Junwu DAI from the Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration has been selected by the editor of JEE to serve as the first SPONE associate editor for a 3-year term.