Special Issue Bulletin NZSEE
September 20, 2020
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Blind Prediction Competition at E-Defense

Blind Prediction

Full-scale shake table testing of two buildings with various non-structural elements and medical equipment is planned to occur on the E-Defense shake table in December 2020. The organizers of the testing are running a blind prediction competition, with a significant portion of this competition being predicting the performance of the non-structural elements. SPONSE are not involved with the testing or the blind prediction, however we expect both will likely interest our members. We also encourage participation in the blind prediction competition!

The research proposed is an attempt to measure and classify functionality and the current resilience in a hospital setting by using:
(1) a full-scale representation of a complex two-building multi-story hospital with both a fixed and isolated base,
(2) various nonstructural components and
(3) critical medical equipment.

Two phases of blind prediction are planned. Each phase of the contest will highlight a different challenge: (a) Phase I – Prediction Techniques and (b) Phase II: Modeling and Verification. Prediction submission of Phase I is due by 8 December 2020, and Phase II by 23 April 2021. Students, researchers, and practicing engineers are encouraged to participate.

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