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September 15, 2015
UC Quake Centre
Third International Workshop on Seismic Performance of Non-structural Elements (SPONSE) 31st March 2016, Christchurch, New Zealand
February 4, 2016
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16th WCEE to include SPONSE Special Session


The SPONSE Association has agreed to organize a number of Special Sessions dedicated to the Seismic Performance of Nonstructural Elements (SPONSE Session) at the upcoming 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (16WCEE). The sessions will be focused on recent developments for the three main categories of non-structural elements:1) Architectural elements; 2) Building Utility Systems; and 3) Building Contents. Abstracts can be related to any of the following topics: 1) Lessons from earthquakes; 2) Methods of design, evaluation and retrofit; 3) Standards and codes; 4) Experiments; and 5) Analysis and simulation;

On behalf of the SPONSE Association, I am writing to invite you to submit an Abstract to the SPONSE Special Sessions at https://zentidos.wufoo.eu/forms/abstract-submission-16wcee/ . You will need to indicate your interest in proposing your Abstract to a special session and then select Session No. 55SS Seismic Performance of Non-Structural Elements (SPONSE). Depending on the number of Abstracts received, multiple sessions on SPONSE could be organized throughout the conference.